9 thoughts on “August2020-10081Fuller”

  1. Really nice capture and b&w was a good choice. The shadow and lighting are great. I’m curious as to whether this was set up or something you simply observed from afar. I do like the negative space, but it might be too much. I guess only because, probably subconsciously, I might have a hard time imaging that door inside a space quite that large.

    1. Hi Jay. It’s a little of both. I was setting up to shoot a thin streak of light coming out of the door while putting my camera on the floor and tilting it up. My wife suddenly opened the door and was standing there. I asked here if she would stay there for a minute and I shot a few shots of her with that great backlighting coming out of the room. My idea after I shot the photo was to create a Noir effect by enhancing the shadow and turning it into a black and white photo. I did not originally use this much negative space but the more I added it the more I like it so I used more negative space in this final piece after I had processed it to duplicate a 1950s Noir effect. It’s just a matter of taste and like William Balsam I wanted it to have strong contrasting effect and just pull your eye into the corner.

  2. Beautifully done. I think all that negative space actually draws your eye to the subject. I like it.

  3. Alfred Hitchcock’s got nothing on you. I think the negative space is just right. That shadow is foreboding, and no offense but your wife is creepy. (insert smiley face here.)

  4. A very thought provoking, goose bump raising image. The shadow thrown on the open door certainly evokes my memories of old Hitchcock movies. I like the expanse of negative space in this photo. Nicely done.

  5. Beautifully done. The silhouette, the shadow, the back lighting and the blackness within. What is she walking into? My only quibble is that I find myself wishing for a little more of that negative space at the bottom.

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