7 thoughts on “August2020-51531Smukler”

  1. So many “stories”… “has learned to use a fork, but not yet a knife” and “watch out for that hungry thief” are two that pop immediately to mind!

    I’m not too sure about the arm floating in the background though.

  2. Great use of lighting to illuminate the face and piece of cake which keeps our focus on the subject and his mischievous smile as he prepares to enjoy the treat. Nicely done.

  3. Nice light, nicely composed, and a great moment captured. I’m guessing the hand in the background is saying something like…go ahead, have your fun, we always have your back, if needed. I like it.

  4. Really well lit, great expression and eye contact. Lose the arm. The dog in the fore ground, either make him more of the composition or lose him altogether. The later would be my preference. That is one cute kid!

  5. Love the expression! the lighting is great on his face. I too would remove the arm in the background.

  6. Very cute! I love the lighting on him and on the cake and the dog’s nose. I’d crop out the arm in the background, though and keep the eye on him.

  7. Great capture! I love the expression, the colors, the lighting and the many stories that you could assign to it. I agree with others who suggested to crop the arm out of the picture so the boy, the cake and the dog are the main focus with no distraction..

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