10 thoughts on “Dec2020-40301Gorga”

  1. A quick comment about “process”…

    This image began with a digital ‘capture’ of an image on the ground glass of my camera obscura. The photograph was converted to black and white and printed onto paper with an inkjet printer. The print was then hand-colored using Prismacolor Premier pencils. The pigments were smoothed/blended using a cotton swab dipped in a 1:1; mixture of turpentine and vegetable oil.

    Of course, I scanned to print back into the computer so that it can be displayed here.

    The location is Hillsborough Center, NH.

  2. Such a beautiful picture, Frank, and I love your creative process. My husband and I got married in that very church 27 years ago…

  3. The image is far more evocative than a conventional photo of the same scene would be. I admire the composition.

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