5 thoughts on “Feb2021-35441miller”

  1. Really nice image. The only thing that seems a bit distracting to me is at the top of the tree on the right – the fairly sizable white opening between branches, and its reflection at the bottom right. Maybe if you cloned in that opening at the top and bottom, or cropped it out, your eye wouldn’t be inclined to jump there. Beautiful serene scene.

  2. The lack of separation between water and sky gives me an uneasy feeling. I keep trying to form a triangle from the rock in front of the fisherman, to the large rock to the left out in the water and the “pebble” in the vegetation in the lower right. It stirs emotion which any good photo should do. Cant get this photo out of my mind.

  3. I enjoy this photo a lot, but have to agree that the lack of a separation between the sky and water does bother me a bit.

  4. Whoa – love this photo. The principle of thirds works nicely, along with the fore, mid and background elements. The vast negative white space is what keeps me coming back for another look. It’s like a blank wall that I can hang my own stuff on. Thanks.

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