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  1. Gosport Chapel, Star Island… This is a scan of a cyanotype, a photographic process inventing in 1842.

    This image started as a digital ‘capture’. The file was processed as I typically do, including converting to black and white, and then ‘inverted’ to make a negative. The negative was then printed onto a transparent film at the size of the final print (7″x9″ in this case).

    In a dim;y lit room, a sheet of paper was coated with a mixture of iron salts and allowed to dry in the dark. The paper is bright canary yellow at this point.

    The negative and paper are sandwiched together in a frame and exposed to ultraviolet light. Traditionally the sun is used as a light source. However, I use a bank of “black light” LEDs for exposure.

    Exposure of the iron salts to UV light causes the production of the pigment Prussian Blue which forms the image.

    After exposure, one washes away the unreacted iron salts and dries the print.

    More examples can be seen here: http://gorga.org/blog/?s=cyanotype

    When we get to meeting in person again, I would be amenable to doing a cyanotype demonstration and/or workshop if there is interest.

  2. I’d love to see a demo. I really like all your photos using the old techniques. There’s mystery and dreaminess that I like.

  3. Nice to see you keeping the old process alive. I would be interested in learning more about your techniques, but I’m not sure I would be up for all the effort. I do appreciate the great results! You are a true artisian.

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