8 thoughts on “July 2020-05411Joyner”

  1. Cute ‘lil guy. Well focused with background blurred. I find it a challenge to get the proper depth of field, with quick moving wildlife. I think I would crop it horizontally to leave out under the branch and focus the eye on the critter. Color and contrast are pretty.

  2. It’s a little unsettling to be staring so directly in its eyes. It’s a good composition as it is, but I’d like to zoom in more on that face and those eyes.
    I like the colors, cool grays and a splash of green.

  3. So cute…I would like to see this cropped a bit more so I really get to appreciate this little guy. And, the background is perfect – the light against the dark.

  4. I’ve never seen a badger so I’m impressed that you caught this. I think you positioned it well. I don’t feel any distraction. I’m drawn to the subject and my eye rests there. The nice bokeh in the background helps plus the tree, although prominent, gives it all context.

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