7 thoughts on “July 2020-07081fitzpatrick”

  1. Very interesting. I assume this is IR. The cloud (?) in back of the tress looks like a snowy peak.

  2. IR = Infrared

    With most digital cameras, one needs to change the filter that covers the sensor. The new filter will allow IR to pass through and will block the visible light.

    This is a more-or-less permanent modification which renders the camera useless for regular photography.

    Google “digital IR conversion” for more information.

    — Frank

  3. The IR is interesting (and I like it), but the scene is interesting in itself. The rock piles look like a parade of folks walking away to the left. The figure on the right looks like a woman with a tall hat, an upturned collar, and a puffy skirt behind. It looks like an illustration to a myth.

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