8 thoughts on “July 2020-47491Levinson”

  1. Very nice image. It is not easy to make the forest appear in a photo as it appears in real time, but you seemed to have captured it well. Nice colors and light.

  2. What strikes me about this photo is how the dark tree on the left and the right frame a path through the woods that lead me through the photograph and into the light. It’s a soft photo which makes it dreamy and offers a romantic view of the woods.

  3. This is a difficult shot to make look like anything but an ordinary picture of woods, yet you have made it look dreamy and inviting. Great job.

  4. I took a walk through this…and you captured my interest from the entry to the exit. Nicely done. Love especially the details of the entry into the woods and the glint of light that draws me in.

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