8 thoughts on “July 2020-51041Gilson”

  1. Very nicely done; great processing. It does look like a sketch and the vignetting enhances the image.

  2. The treatment, an antique look, matches the old structure and lifeless vines. I’m wondering if straightening it a bit using a transform tool might improve the image.

  3. I wouldn’t change a thing. There are so many ways this could have gone wrong with over doing the processing, but I think you made all the right choices. Very nice.

  4. Breathtaking. Everything works together—the subject, composition, palette, vignetting. I like this in a small size as a print would feel like a precious object.

  5. Love this…I am captivated by it…it has a mysterious essence to it. I like the vignetting that draws me in to composition.

  6. The combination of the technique used, and the subject make this compelling to look at, and think about what the story behind this scene is all about – well done.

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