7 thoughts on “Mar2021-55041SPOOR”

  1. Just a comment on this shot. I took this handheld with my Nikon P950 supper zoom camera (2000mm) in automatic….

  2. Very nice. It’s hard to tell whether it’s a bit soft or not, and I wonder if using a tripod might have made it a bit sharper? Maybe the original is pin-sharp though. Surprised that it was set on auto, but it’s not like it was a small dot on a bit black canvas. I want to know more about that lens.

  3. I love the details at the edges. What a fantastic shot from a handheld, beyond my shaky hands.

  4. Great shot, especially handheld, with VR I assume. It must have been one of those crisp and cold nights because there is no atmospheric interference.

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