12 thoughts on “May2020-50301Gilson”

  1. Great reason to have a camera with you at all times. You captured a really interesting moment.

  2. I love this scene, artists at work. If it’s true that the eye goes first to the brightest portions of the image, perhaps a graduated filter from the top and a bit of dodging where the work is being done would push the viewer’s gaze to the main subject(s). Just a thought.

  3. Wonderful! It is great the way it is, but you may also want to try a square aspect ratio, cropping down from the top, which is as others have said a little bright and not necessary for what the picture is about.

  4. Great composition and color. I agree with Jay and others that the very light upper left is a bit distracting.

  5. I love the feeling of chaos and the color. The tree branches draw my eye away from the action a little.

  6. Graffiti creation! This is a wonderful story. Because of the light above, I first saw it as all about the artwork. Discovering the artists below was a very exciting surprise. I like the graduated brightness.

  7. I’ve never seen a graffiti artist at work. Wonderful light, color, and composition. Intriguing and different! Very nice.

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