6 thoughts on “May2021-15171Levinson”

  1. This makes an interesting and appealing abstraction. The organization of the shapes, the variation of textures, and the deep shadows make it work for me.

  2. A minimal amount of color, the shapes and shadows accentuate the different textures. Very interesting.

  3. hi Bill, I had no idea what a ‘vesicular basalt’ is, so I looked it up.

    “Vesicular basalt” is a dark-colored volcanic rock that contains many small holes, more properly known as vesicles. … Sometimes, vesicles can become filled in with secondary minerals, such as calcite, quartz, or zeolites. When vesicles are filled with such minerals, they are called amygdales.

    I was shooting down at an interesting series of ledges at the ocean’s edge. Thanks for the feedback. ~Larry

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