5 thoughts on “Nov2020-27561Gilson”

  1. Contrast, balance and flow add life to this lively “still life”.
    I like the left third placement in the frame. The lighting is so good.
    If you muted the saturation of the gourds they would blend better. I also like your background, reminds me of my favorite jeans! .

  2. Hi Keiko!
    This photo has such interesting forms, and the contrast in the blue and orange is wonderful. I love the subtle textures in the background and the way the blue is carried through the wooden piece. You have created a very different fall arrangement that is balanced and interesting.

  3. I like that you often choose interesting and surprising objects to photograph. It’s always interesting.

    I like the bright color of the gourds and might even like some more saturation on the green sprigs (or branches, or whatever they are!).

    I’m feeling inspired to try a still life or two.

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