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  1. Very dramatic. The vise in the foreground adds depth and contributes to the sense of verticalness in the composition.

    1. Hi Kathy, My camera setting was f/4.5 at 1/6 second with an ISO 3200. This was at Williamsburg, Va. and I had to worry about jostling by the crowd around me.

  2. I love the setting, the blurred action of the blacksmith’s arm and bellows lever and the sparks. But unlike Ben, I find the vise in front distracting and I think the picture needs to be straightened.

  3. Consider a tighter crop… there are lots of distractions along the edges of the frame. The vice is, to me, a minor stumbling block to “entering” the frame. It could be cropped out without changing the story. Lastly, I agree about the straightening… I would roate to make the edge of the hearth plumb.

  4. I agree with Frank. A closer crop would get rid of distractions and focus in on what draws the eye in the first placeā€”the dramatic sparks and the gesture. I concede that it did take me a minute to get oriented. My first thought before I looked beyond the fiery color, the bricks and the apron was to wonder whether I was looking at a pizza oven.

  5. I thank everybody for their comments. They are why I joined the club. To learn if what others see, is what that I think I saw and did I capture that moment in time. I have to concentrate more on what it is that prompts me to take the shot in the first place.

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