10 thoughts on “Apr20-16501Joyner”

  1. I love the detail in this photo and the blurred background. Maybe a little more contrast would make it pop, but realize this may be tough to do without blowing out the whites.

  2. I find getting a great shot of a bird difficult to do. The focus is sharp and the blurred background makes the crown feathers stand out, and the lighting is good. love it!

  3. Beautiful shot. This fellow looks like he is proudly posing. Textures well defined in black and white.

  4. I particularly like the composition. Everything fits just right, and there’s a really dynamic feeling I get from the lines.

  5. Excellent sharpness and texture. Although I can’t compare it to the color version, I like it in b&w.

  6. Leslie! I really like the strong diagonal line of the bird’s bill. The soft bokeh in the background is a nice contrast to the details of the feathers and the choice of black and white works for me as it emphasizes the lines and the details. Nice!

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