10 thoughts on “Apr20-19111marotta.jpg”

  1. I really like the perspective. It really captures the kid’s’ sense of wonder. I would crop in from the left to eliminate the little bit of the next tank that can be seen. Nice job.

  2. Great use of silhouette to tell a story contrasted with the bright colors of the aquarium. Crop in a little on the left to lose distracting element.

  3. Very interesting shot. Like the color and action in the tank. You captured the children in silhouette looking completely fascinated.
    Enlarged the scene and enjoyed feeling like I was swimming along side the fishes.
    Feel cropping the photo on the left would make it perfect.

  4. I sort of agree with the others that the left side should be cropped, but only because it slants away at the top. But I really like those horizontal electric blue lines. I’d hate to lose them!

  5. I love the silhouette of the children and the sense of wonder depicted by the little one’s hands against the glass. Nice capture.

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