14 thoughts on “Apr20-24821fitzpatrick”

  1. Beautiful photo! Well composed. Liked textures of bridge, fence, trees and brush enhanced by the snow. Flag at far end of bridge adds an interesting bit of color.

  2. The shore (between snow and water) makes a really nice leading line, taking you right up to the bridge.
    I like the distortion of the structure. It looks like that’s the structure that’s actually leaning, and it’s not the effect of a wide angle lens. Is that right? Doesn’t matter, really. I like, it adds some complexity to a classic composition.

    1. good catch, Ben…. It was wide angle distortion (16 mm on ff). I actually straightened it out a bit, but the distortion is very noticeable I think.

    1. No, Barbara, not familiar with that site. I did put it on the New Hampshire Photography facebook page.

  3. So serene. The fresh snowfall adds to the tranquility of this image. Where is this bridge located and did you have to remove any signage? I find many of these old bridges have very distracting signs in front of them.

    1. This is in Andover NH. There is a sign on the other end of the bridge, but nothing visible from this angle.

  4. HI–although I am tired of covered bridge photos, I like the angle of this shot. It’s very pretty and tourists will like it. VisitNH has an Instagram site for photos like this.

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