10 thoughts on “Apr20-27001Balsam”

  1. I always struggle with this type of image. To straighten or not. And which part of the image do you use to straighten it?

    1. This image is “straight” in my book… the verticals are vertical.

      The horizontals should not be horizontal given the perspective… i.e. the camera (really sensor/film plane) is not parallel to the facade.

  2. There are several potential separate images in this scene, such as the reflections in the window to the left and that window with the lettering “Hi.” Looks like the door knob and latch have great textures too. Interesting scene.

  3. I really like the graphic qualities of this photo: repeating thick and thin lines, rectangles, a square, etc. And I like the nicely balanced colors.
    Yeah, I might like it better if it were squared up, but that’s not critical to me.

  4. I think this is one picture with, as has been said, strong graphic elements. What adds to its strength is the graffiti—the friendly “Hi” on such a forbidding facade.

  5. Wonderful lines and colors in this photo. I also agree that there are a number of images within this image.

  6. This is another one I had to come back to. The unevenness of the vertical stripes and distressed state of the paint tell of a hard life. The bit of snow on the bottom affirm it. The door draws me in. I’d like to peek in the window. The horizontal perspective is right for the mood.

  7. Thanks everyone for your super constructive broad range of comments. I have to admit I had like/dislike reactions to this image and thought posting it might help me clarify the reasons for those feelings. I think Jay’s comment that there are several pictures in this image helps me understand. He is absolutely correct; there are several images in this photo. We are told that a good image focuses on the subject. But we are also told that a good image tells a story and maybe that requires more than one or at least less focus on the subject.

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