9 thoughts on “Apr20-35261Gorga”

  1. First and foremost, thank you for setting up this virtual meeting Frank. It is particularly nourishing to have something like this in these times. Your image is also a harbinger of Spring. I assume you used a long lens given the background, which is right both in terms of color and its non-distracting uniformity, and the stillness of the bird on the perch. I also like the way the perch enters from the right and ends just where the tail feathers begin. Beautiful!

  2. Nice sharp image with no background distractions. Love the colors.

    Thanks Frank for setting up this virtual gallery.

  3. How do you do that background? Beautiful serene shot. Senegal in winter has unbelievable birds as they have almost all European species wintering.

    1. Regarding the background…

      It is pretty easy to do with a long telephoto lens (600 mm in this case). Depth of field goes down as magnification goes up. Thus if the distance between the background and the subject is great enough you get smooth backgrounds.

  4. Frank, you have the most amazing bird shots. I love the muted background contrasted with the strong color of the bird. The catch lights in the eyes are perfect!

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