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  1. This photo is a mural painted on the back of a building facing the harbor in Rockland Maine. Had to crop it a little tight to eliminate the fire escape, picnic table and building windows. Thoughtful “Graffiti”.

  2. Hi–I would have kept the ‘clues’ that this is a building. Mural art is lovely, but there is no indication that this is a wall mural.

  3. I like it by itself, but I would have liked seeing a little context, too. Not so that I’d know more about where it is, but because I like the disorientation one can get by contrasting a playful mural with more pedestrian stuff.

  4. Love the colors and the light on this mural but I think seeing it in context with the building would create a stronger image. It is always interesting to me where graffiti artists choose to practice their art.

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