9 thoughts on “Apr20-50261Gelernter-3”

  1. Interesting light on the front buildings and shadow on the rear building. I might have cropped in a little on the left – to the top of the corner on that building- making the photo more symmetrical.

  2. Interesting lines and contrasting colors.
    Believe cropping on the left to the peak of the lower black building and eliminating the crane in the bottom of the photo would help concentrate attention on the main subject.

  3. I like this photo–but I concur with everyone and will add to crop on the right, too. Remove the branches. Just focus on the skyscrapers.

  4. Just a different point of view for consideration…the corner of the roof line on the left blends into the bold dark (black?) foreground, which has its own angles. The foreground then wraps around to the right, where it meets another bold black vertical block that is the edge of the dark taller building in the background. If the trees could be cloned out altogether and the right side cropped in a bit, you’d have three main elements: blue sky, black borders and a wonderfully-lit front building with a hint of blue reflections in the windows.

    I like it.

  5. Not sure about the cropping. I like the light on the foreground building framed by the dark buildings behind and below. I also find myself drawn to the reflections in the windows in the shadow.

  6. I really like the play of the light and dark in this image. Because the main subjects are so linear I would remove the branches which I find distracting.

  7. Thanks for all the suggestions. I found them all very interesting.
    I played with the composition a lot. When I removed the “distracting” elements, the photo lost a lot of its interest for me. In the end, I decided I liked the peaked corner on the left and the branches on the right. To my eye, they balance each other, and they frame the main buildings in the middle. I also like the rhythm of the darks at the bottom and the dark building in the back.
    But it’s very interesting that no one else (who commented) thought the same things.
    Hmmmmm. Time to ponder.

  8. At first I didn’t know what I thought of this photo. I’ve come back to it a few times.
    Now I see it as buildings rising from the darkness, an encouragement in times of trouble. I don’t think it should be changed or cropped in any way. It is perfect.

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