6 thoughts on “Apr2021-23201Smukler”

  1. “Not sure what to make of this.” Neither am I. But it is a good example of my process. It started, as it often does, when light catches my eye. This time it was the reflection of the sun in a puddle. I made the image with my iPhone—the camera that is always with me. In photoshop, I cropped (hearing Frank’s voice, mindful of the edges), made it black & white, and made some adjustments in curves. I thought initially that the layers of snow and puddle would be interesting, but to me the result was flat, ordinary and boring. The image was destined for the trash bin. Then I decided to try to rotate the image in the crop function. The result was as you see it. To me, the rotation gave the image energy—it took on a life of its own to be whatever a viewer wanted it to be.

  2. I’d like to see it without the rotation–it looks a bit like a hillside now and I think a flat puddle would be pleasing–

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