4 thoughts on “Apr2021-36281Partington”

  1. Great use of light in a black and white image. That “emerging” white cloud conveys to me a sense of hope. I also like the wisps as compositional elements.

  2. The clouds at the bottom feel very weighty and dense to me, like mountains. I don’t get that feeling of hope that Larry mentioned but rather a sense of solidity and durability. I look forward to hearing other perceptions of this interesting photo from the rest of the group.

  3. I don’t usually like the focal point in the bottom center third. I would sacrifice the top third and make this a pano. those white clouds remind me of whipped cream on my cocoa.

  4. I disagree with Kathy and like the bottom third; however, I would crop the lower left corner–that little bit of cloud distracts me.

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