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    1. Thanks…I am not very happy with the software tool that I use for touchup…next step will be to learn a new tool so I can do better processing.
      My sister is using photoshop but not sure I have the patience or the time to learn it. Any suggestions?

      1. Trish,

        I’ve been a Photoshop/Lightroom user for so long that I have no idea what else is out there.

        That said, I would not start with Photoshop, but rather with Lightroom. Lightroom does the large majority of what a photographer needs. I’d guess that less than 10% of my processed photos see Photoshop at this point in time.

        1. Thanks… I try to focus my efforts on taking the photo so as to minimize the processing. I will look into Lightroom for starters. I really do need something that I feel more confident in when its needed.

          1. “… I try to focus my efforts on taking the photo so as to minimize the processing. …”

            This is a good strategy. However, the key word here is “minimize” It is a very rare photos, especially a portrait, that can not be improved after the exposure was made.

            This is nothing new… it was as true back in the days of film as it is now. Digital just makes it easier to do than it wash in the darkroom.

            Its part of the package if you want to go beyond snapshots. Not that theyre is any wrong with snapshots! 😉

    1. Thanks…I am not happy with my software tool for touchup…learning a complex program for processing is not an option for me right now – time wise. I just need to work a little bit harder before I snap the shutter. Thanks for your feedback.

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