9 thoughts on “Dec2020-31161Fuller”

  1. Not bad… however, I don’t think that the bright blown out foreground helps this image. It distracts from the interesting subject.

    Consider cropping up from the bottom, maybe making a square image.

  2. The weathered siding really grabs you and I really like the b&w treatment. True, the foreground is a bit overexposed. Love that piece of equipment and the weathering beneath the windows. As well as the silo and the ladder on it. There are more images to be had here.

    1. I think I could crop up a bit and lessen the blown out part of the foreground (actually pumpkins lying on the ground) but I would still want to leave the equipment and a small piece of the ground beneath it. The blown out is just a part of a highly stylized filter. As I wrote below, it’s an FX and probably not everyone’s preference. I would lessen it through cropping up but not eliminate it. Thanks for your comment.

  3. This image holds a lot of nostalgia. I love everything about it except as has been said the overexposed fore ground. I wouldn’t crop it though, just bring the highlights way down.

  4. I really like the way the super high contrast works with this image. I agree with Kathy that slightly reducing the highlights in the foreground would be an improvement. However, the clouds really bother me; they don’t look like clouds, just scribbles in the sky. You might try the clarity or dehaze slider or possibly the red or blue slider in HSL.

  5. Frank and Jay, Truthfully, this rendering of this image was somewhat of an experiment. There are no blown out parts in the original image but it was taken at mid-day. I was in Photoshop and started looking through their stock filters and applying it to this photograph. I stumbled upon this one and when I applied it, I found it to have a dramatic effect that seem to make the siding and silo really pop. I ordinarily never use filters but I thought it would be fun to submit one just to see the response. Not everyone’s cup of tea but then it’s fun to try new things.

    1. I agree… experimenting is good and fun, but the bottom line is does the experimental result work well.

      In this case, I think that the filter provide a very interesting result on the structure. However, that same filter causes the foreground to become a visual distraction drawing one’s eye away from the image’s subject.

      Thus, my suggestion.

      If you don’t want to lose the machinery, you could still crop out most of the foreground.

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