5 thoughts on “Dec2020-12001marotta dec”

  1. I like the way the perspective leads the eye to the looming mountain. I’m of two minds about the saturation.

  2. Not bad… agree with Christopher about the effective use of a leading line.

    Later or earlier in the day (depending on the orientation of the building) would yield better light. However, you’ve done a good job handling the difficult (harsh) light you had.

  3. Great photo of a pretty subject. The tracks really add to the photo. Personally I think the saturated look of the station adds to this photo. But if you want to “tone it down” you could try the saturation slider or go to the HSL tab and selectively bring down individual colors.

  4. A classic scene in the North Country. I was just wondering if the bit of wide-angle distortion, noticeable on the left side of the building in particular, could be corrected using the transform tool in Photoshop.

    Nice composition and perspective.

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