8 thoughts on “Jan2021-32211keshen_edited-1”

  1. Beautiful. Really nice composition, color, lighting.
    What is the color? At first, I thought it was sepia (or some other brownish yellow monotone) but I see some red in the apples. Is this desaturated color? At any rate, I really like it.

  2. Barb is owning the still life. I never felt comfortable composing one, this just feels so natural. Mine always feel contrived. Nice photo.

  3. Really nice, Barbara… I like the composition a lot…nice and tight. The tones and the framing are great.

  4. Beautiful still life Barbara, you certainly have a knack for this genre that I constantly struggle with. Nicely done!

  5. Great composition, focus and depth of field. I especially like the slightly desaturated look that gives the image a very understated, elegant feel.

  6. I really like it and agree with everyone except that I find the wine bottle to be too distracting (and its a wine that is very popular among my friends!)

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