8 thoughts on “Jan2021-33071Smukler”

  1. Really moody and beautiful. I thought so before I noticed the birds, but the birds elevate this to an even higher level.
    What about those ripples? I think I like them. They arrest the eye at the bottom of the frame, but I also wonder if a more minimalist shot without ripples would be even better. (Not that you had a choice!)

  2. It’s a beautiful photo. I have mixed feelings about whether the image would be stronger without the ripples. They add a bit of mystery: did another bird just take off from there? Did some swimmer just step onto the shore? Without them, the viewer can be content with the pure serenity of that time and place.

  3. The ripples at the bottom of the certainly give this image a different feel but I like them and think they add to the story about these birds in flight.

  4. Great shot. I especially like the way the fog makes everything on the left side of the photo slightly out of focus and dreamy. I too wonder about the ripples and think the image would be stronger without them.

  5. I find the ripples at the bottom very distracting making me wonder what else is going on that I can’t see. Absolutely love the mood of the setting.

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