8 thoughts on “Mar2021-24511Keshen”

  1. Incredible detail–amazing focus. Think about cropping off the lower third and just focusing on the wilting petals.

  2. Very nice color, lighting, details. I like the close crop.
    I particularly like how the blue contrasts with the magenta and green. Where does the blue come from? In the center, it looks like back lighting. On the right, it looks like side lighting. Does the flower itself contain blue, or is it all lighting?

  3. What a fun photo. My first thought was of a clown doing a back flip. Love the textures and colors.

  4. Love the colors, the crop and even the green at the bottom. But I feel like the depth of field is too shallow for much of the photo.

  5. I have been documenting this amaryllis since I got it in December. This was documenting its final decay. I had some pretty creepy shots but decided to show the cheery, colorful side of death and decay.

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