7 thoughts on “Mar2021-51571Fuller”

  1. Nice composition, exposure and tones. There’s enough detail in the foreground I think so there’s no reason to lighten it more, in which case it might look overcooked. The horizon might be tilted a bit?

    1. Thanks Jay, You’re correct. I checked the horizon in PS and it is a tiny bit off. Good catch.

  2. Beautiful image. Great lines leading from the lower right corner. Nice composition. You always do a great job with landscapes.

  3. I’m usually a stickler for a straight horizon, but I think the lines in the foreground minimized it. This is a beautiful scene I could adopt as my “happy place”

  4. I agree with Kathy, I didn’t even notice the horizon being slightly off. Great composition and color. The image is just dark enough so the viewer knows it is sunset or sunrise. Well done.

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