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  1. Thanks again Frank for your work. I just want to keep staring at this and I’m not sure why. Part of it is that hint of what looks like grapes on the left edge, with the purple streak. It makes me think of wine and about how I too would like a glass. But this image is not about wine—I just want to linger over it, absorb the stunning color palette, think about those three rocks and the nuances of color and texture.

  2. I am drawn to abstracts and find this photo captivating. The progression of color from left to right moves the eyes across the image. What and where is this?

  3. Well, this photo is the work of three artists.

    An unknown graffiti artist (this month’s theme was graffiti, right?!) painted the pylon holding up the bridge across the Connecticut River between Brattleboro, VT and Hinsdale, NH.

    Mother Nature then worked over the paint, for quite some time, I imagine.

    I came along in my kayak and studied the graffiti on these bridge supports for quite some time… at least a half hour, probably more. I made maybe six or eight exposures total. There were lots of possibilities.

    The other “keepers” from this excursion can be seen in this blog post: http://gorga.org/blog/?p=3175

  4. The colors and textures are very exciting to me! Great eye, Frank! I see and linger with a painting of ancient Southwest inhabitants.

  5. Wow, what amazing colors! It’s beautiful how they have blended and naturally formed this pattern of lights and darks. I always wonder whether this kind of photo should be considered an abstract when what you have done is seen the abstraction in a “real” scene. I don’t know if this is a new direction for you, but keep it up!

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