9 thoughts on “May2020-08121Summers”

  1. My favorite of the bunch this month. Not sure what it is…projected image, double exposure, composite? Very creative.

  2. The installation below speaks to the tragedy of mortality at the end of the hopeful and arduous immigrant journey. This is the room where the hospital’s terminally ill were taken to pass their last days. For 3,500 immigrants, the journey to America ended here.

    JR-Untapped Cities-Anna Brown4

    JR’s work highlights the importance of this site, the largest public hospital in the country during its time. To purchase tickets, visit the Save Ellis Island website. Check out more pictures of hospital’s interior here and join us for an upcoming tour!

  3. I looked at this image before I read the comments and thought that it must have been taken in Russia or Eastern Europe at a museum documenting a tragic history. But I couldn’t figure out how the woman’s face on the wall and the rest of her image on the filing cabinets worked out so well. In any case, I think it is a haunting image, and the bowls made it more real and a lot sadder.

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