8 thoughts on “May2020-09311Bonk”

    1. I rarely take selfies (up close with crow feets I call a selfie)–but this graffiti spoke to me.

  1. Interesting duplicity, joy and sorrow? Was that the intent? I love the crop as well. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but do two halves make a whole? Fun shot.

  2. Love the closeness, the simplicity which directs me as the viewer to what you want me to see. Commenting on the picture and not reality, you have set it up so that it makes me think that the graffiti is a manifestation what is going on internally with the human subject.

  3. I like the way the colors play off each other in this image and that you are included. We always seem to capture others and so seldom do we include ourselves in our photos.

  4. Great selfie! I love the play of reds and the blue of your eyes and the spot in the graffiti match. The real contrast is your smile against the tearful face. (Although the “tear” may be a “happy” accident.)

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