8 thoughts on “May2020-29451Carley”

    1. I took this in Zagreb, Croatia. The Croatians have raised graffiti a notch or two above tags on train cars.

  1. This is a wonderful photo and a great capture of some amazing graffiti. I really like that you managed to get all of these blocks in one image.

  2. What’s above the murals? Would a bit of the building or sky above add or distract? Creative panorama.

    1. There was some pretty uninspiring city infrastructure behind the wall and a street in front of it. I cropped out the wires and poles but kept the line of the curb so the image wouldn’t totally launch into space.

  3. This made me think of a quilt, with all the great colors and patterns mixed together. This is a very different panorama from what we typically see. The ear is amazing. Can’t tell whether it’s applied or painted.

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