5 thoughts on “Nov2020-12551IrwinNovember2020 (1 of 1)”

  1. The first thing I paid attention to was the horse. I wanted to make sure he was alright standing there on the sidewalk. Then I saw the people. It’s an interesting composition; the people are walking out of the frame. Everyone and the horse are heading slightly downhill, and the pole very neatly divides the people from the horse. The whole thing adds up to a photo that’s off-kilter–in a good way! This would make me stop to study it.

  2. I don’t agree that letting the men walk out of the frame would make a stronger image….. it would make a different image. This one speaks to me of culture clash.

  3. I love controversies about photos. It generally means they’re interesting and worthy of contemplation.
    At first I thought, yeah, it might be better without the two men on the left. But on further viewing, I really like them there. There is such a strong sense of motion moving off to the left. The ground is sloping down, and the two men are within a moment of being gone. But it’s all pulled back into balance by the two vertical poles, which “want” to stop the motion. But the motion is especially balanced by the guy with the phone leaning away and by that horse (mule?) whose feet are firmly planted. Great shot.

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