7 thoughts on “Nov2020-20081ahrens”

  1. Great image. I think if you desaturated the red a little it would call more attention to the the shadow of the bike.

    1. Thanks William, your suggestion was a good one and I gave it a try. I like the image both ways but think I actually prefer it desaturated a tad.

  2. Very engaging image. The shadow looks more real than the bike. It’s perfectly composed.

    I’m not sure about the color. I like the bright orange (red?), but maybe a little desaturation would change the emphasis of the picture in an interesting way.

    Either way, I like it a lot.

  3. A scrape and a dent in that red/orange paint, a bit of rust on the rim, tells of a life well lived. The perfection of the shadow reflects the true character. The composition is unique and thought provoking. I love this image!

  4. Kathy, a different genre of photo from you. I love it. I actually find the tension between the bright color and the shadow compelling.

  5. What a great shot! It’s unmistakeably you, the quiet simplicity even with the bright red.
    I saw only the shadow in the web image, so when I opened it up and saw that red, I actually said, “Wow!” I love that you have only part of the actual bike, but all of its shadow.

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