3 thoughts on “Nov2020-26211Levinson”

  1. Nice colors and light. My gaze is drawn into the open spot at the upper center, to the left of the first big tree. There’s a little something going on in there, with the white and black verticals. I like that.

    I might consider cropping a bit off the left side, maybe to the middle of the inverted V of the branches.

  2. The delicate color and light in contrast to the strong dark verticals of the trees are what captured my eye. The bright area to the right keeps drawing my eye, so perhaps that area could be cropped in a bit.
    One of my favorite things is the way the leaves resting on the pine needles are illuminated. The contrast of the soft greens with the rich red browns is beautiful.
    There is another photo I like a lot in this one: if you do a tight crop to just the little bush to the left of the big tree trunks…

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