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  1. One can have photos that portray “non-people” and thus are portraits!

    This is Harley, a stable dog in charge of a team of Clydesdale horses.

    When first introduced to Harley, by a fellow with a very think New England accent, I heard “Holly”. The disjoint between his “equipment” and name was, initially, perplexing to me but we got it all quickly worked out!!!!

    I knelt down to get at Harley’s eye-level and he came over to investigate… too close for a photograph. I had to back up and try again two or three times in order to make this photo!

  2. Very nice. My late stepson had and an English Bulldog named Oliver. He’s still alive and living with my son’s wife. I have had several opportunities to photograph Oliver. It’s nice to see Harley. Nice black and white with lots of detail.

  3. What a handsome creature. I think you captured Harley perfectly. The mature look in his eye, and his confident stance speaks volumes of his personality.

  4. Hummph. That’s the emotion I get from this photo – like the dog could care less you are taking his picture. I like that it is B&W – brings out details in the ground at the forefront of the photo.

  5. Great portrait of Harley. There is a sensitivity both to the subject and, in the way it was made, implied in the personality of Harley himself. He looks like he is standing there doing his job.

  6. Harley looks as if he would take good charge! Of course, Winston Churchill with his bulldog comes to mind. Nice portrait.

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