9 thoughts on “June2020-25211Joyner”

  1. I like the feel, the mood of this shot. The composition really works for me: the straight-on shack, the water, the angled walkway/dock (leading lines!), the barrel(?) to the right of the shack, the dark tree trunk on the right, and the little light spot below that trunk all work together to keep my eye moving around.
    The processing is really what makes this work, I think. It could have been overly busy, but the heightened contrast helps to separate the details, and it pulls out the light areas from the dark ones.

  2. I was really struck by this photo. Very evocative of a rustic feel. Nicely composed and I love your use of a grayish/brown tone to give it an aging feel that aligns with the subject. I think this was my favorite.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind comment. It’s an abandoned fur trapper’s shack on the Bayou aux Carpes in Louisiana. There were lots of alligators in the water but I’ll save those pics for the wildlife assignment.

  3. I love these types of photos I’m always looking for places like this to photo myself.

  4. Nicely compact image that raises questions about the past life of this shack and dock. Now that I see it was in Bayou country, I’m thinking about a noodler and water snakes. I like the sepia treatment too. Good job.

  5. Having lived for thirty years in northeast Florida, I recognized the southern setting right away — and the threat of alligators and snakes . This is a beautiful image, a very artful storyteller.

  6. I love the angle of the dock–not sure why you chose black and white. It’s a verdant vegetation that would contrast well with the building.

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