May 2020 — Virtual Meeting

Here we go again! Things should work as they did last month.

A note on navigation… the “Next Image/Previous Image” links on the individual image pages (i.e. the pages where you can comment on an image) are unreliable and not limited to only this month’s photos.

Thus, the best way to navigate through all of the images is to return to the gallery display (using the back button in your browser) and then clicking on a new image to comment on. (This is not as smooth as it should be, but fixing it is beyond my capabilities… sorry!)

I will leave the comments open for thirty days this time. The amount of spam last month was small (only three comments) and they were all caught by the spam filter. Hopefully spam continues to be light and therefore invisible to you.

If you discover a glitch or have a question and want me to see your message in a timely fashion please email me directly (i.e. use my personal email address, not the generic club address) as I do not regularly monitor the club address.